Match Convivio Round Platter - 18"


Convivio platters are ultra-versatile, multi-use wonders that are made by hand, with a ceramic body and our iconic pewter rim, and stamped with our hallmarks representing our workshop, our company, the tin content of our alloy and city in Italy where match is made.

  • 18‚Ä≥ D
  • Lead-free pewter
  • Made in Italy
  • Designed by: Match Pewter
  • Item 1541.0
  • Care: Hand wash in warm water with a liquid dish soap. Do not presoak in hot water as a prelude to hand washing. Dry pewter completely, as water allowed to dry on pewter may cause spots. Any spots that appear can be easily removed by polishing or by gently rubbing the area in small circular motions with very fine ‚Äú0000‚Äù steel wool.