The Gift Label 30ml Stone Diffuser - Purple


This unique and reusable stone diffuser with ethically sourced, natural crystals will take you away to the rural summer coast of New Zealand. Use the pipette to evenly disperse just 6-8 drops of the delicious fragrance over the minerals and enjoy its beautiful scent. Scent lasts for at least 10 days before you need to disperse new drops. 

The set includes a 30 ml bottle of perfume, a cotton bag with natural crystal stones and an engraved cement bowl. Text on bowl reads: "Let your imagination flow freely and unravel the mystery of this thing called life."

The scented stones in our Island bay home fragrances collection are produced by hand in the Netherlands with care and love. This means that no item is identical and a variation in the finish is normal. This makes the products unique.


  • Pick scent: Island Bay
  • Scent description: Island bay. This fragrance is enriched with lemon peel & lavender aromas.
  • Contents: 30 ml