Lambert Sara Vegan Maple Backpack


The SARA backpack stands out with its unique shape and avant-garde style. The small opening (fold) at the front of the bag is a signature feature of this model which charms with its innovative look. Inside the Sara you will find several compartments to organize your belongings, as well as a lined pocket perfect for carrying your 13-inch computer. The Sara is a high-quality, ethical, animal cruelty-free bag designed by a Montreal company. Vegan leather is a flexible material that optimizes comfort and simplifies maintenance, being weather resistant. With the SARA, you will have a stylish look without compromise!

The SARA is worn one way:

  1. As a backpack (with the adjustable straps)

What makes the SARA unique:

  1. Its avant-garde look

  2. Its multiple compartments

The SARA is perfect for:

  1. Fashionistas

  2. Avant-garde women

  3. Feminine women

  4. Those who are fearless

Why the name “SARA”?

The SARA vegan leather backpack is named after the very first designer who designed the product. It is also one of the first models launched by Montreal-based company Lambert.

38cm (height) x 25cm (width) x 16cm (depth)