Lambert Meli Vegan Black Wallet


With several compartments, the Montréal designed MELI is the wallet par excellence to organize your many cards, your money and all your bills. Its minimalist and elegant look will coordinate perfectly with your Lambert bag. This high-quality vegan leather accessory is weatherproof, so that your precious contents are well protected under all circumstances. Equipped with an adjustable handle, you can easily carry the MELI for a look that combines chic and practicality.

MELI can serve as a:

  1. Wallet

  2. Mini handbag

What makes the MELI unique:

  1. Its many compartments

  2. Its strap to hold it firmly in the hand (like a pouch)

  3. Its storage capacity

The MELI is perfect for:

  1. Businesswomen

  2. Elegant women

  3. Those who need storage space

Why the name “MELI”?

The wallet is in the honour of President Mélissa Lambert, who always has too many bills and cards to put away. This is a model developed to meet her needs as an entrepreneur, woman, and mother all a once!

Méli wallets now bear the brand name (Lambert) as well as the diamond (logo)

10 cm (height) x 20 cm (width) x 2.5 cm (depth).