Lambert Adalyn Vegan Black Bag


Designed in high-quality vegan leather, ADALYN stands out for its large size and its chic and professional look. Its rectangular shape gives it a certain rigidity to protect your content. It can also be used as a tote; this Montréal designed bag offers a large storage capacity thanks to its depth and numerous pockets. You can also carry your 15-inch laptop with the lined pocket built into the bag. In addition, your personal items are protected by the small magnetic flap that covers the bag’s opening. No need to compromise between practicality and aesthetics, ADALYN allows you to carry everything you need in addition to adding a touch of elegance to your look.

The ADALYN is worn in 3 ways:

  1. As a handbag (on the shoulder with the handles)
  2. As a handbag (in hand with the handles)
  3. As a shoulder bag (with the included adjustable strap)

What makes the ADALYN unique:

  1. Its elegance
  2. Its large storage capacity
  3. Its laptop sleeve
  4. Its many integrated pockets

The ADALYN is perfect for:

  1. Business women
  2. Feminine women
  3. Moms
  4. Those who need a lot of storage

Why the name “ADALYN”?

ADALYN is feminine, elegant, and classic. This name has been worn by many women who have marked the ages with their courage,their original ideas, and their achievements.

  • 2 Shoulder handles
  • 1 Adjustable and detachable nylon strap
  • 1 External secret pocket (left side)
  • Detailed back pocket
  • Laptop pocket
  • Keyholders
  • 2 Pencil slots
  • 4 Elastic pockets
  • Zipper pocket