Maison Berger Wildflower 180g Scented Candle


A candle that creates an atmosphere of subdued tranquility with the spicy touch of the Wildflower fragrance.

The Land Scented Candle in Moss Green will help create a haven of relaxation at home. The etched metal ornamentation echoes the caps of the Land collection of catalytic lamps and rings of the Land reed diffusers. The candle conjures a snapshot in time marked by traditional craftsmanship and history. The woodsy, floral scent of Wildflower will transport you to a lush forest, where the only sounds are rustling leaves and a gurgling stream. This candle brings you closer to nature with comforting and familiar notes of blue thistle, carrot seed, and oak moss.

This clean-burning vegetable wax candle burns for up to (+/-) 38 hours.


  • Made with vegetable, non-GMO wax for cleaner combustion. Vegan wax and fragrance
  • Cotton wick with braiding adapted specifically to the candle format and its fragrance
  • Ecological and sustainable manufacturing
  • Fragrances¬†created by French master perfumers, poured into a candle for even, controlled combustion
  • Intense, continuous perfuming, whether burning or not, for approximately 38 hours
  • ¬†